December 2018

Introduction to Ethereum Payment Channels Video

September 2018

Implementing Harberger Tax Deeds

August 2018

Writing a Dollar Auction Contract

Writing a Penny Auction Contract

Contracts Calling Arbitrary Functions

July 2018

Anatomy of Transaction Data

State Channels with Signing Keys

Writing a Trivial Multisig Wallet

Performing Multiple Actions Transactionally

June 2018

Ensuring the Effects of a Transaction

Working with State Channels in JavaScript

Supporting an Off-Chain Market Maker

Betting Tokens In A Prediction Market

Reversible Ether

Supporting Off-Chain Token Trading

Storage Patterns: Set

May 2018

Escrowing ERC20 Tokens

Wrapping Ether in an ERC20 Token

Writing a Prediction Market Contract

Using Tokens for Parimutuel Wagers

Changing the Supply of ERC20 Tokens

State Channels for Two-Player Games

Writing a Parimutuel Wager Contract

Two-Player Games in Ethereum

Writing a Dominant Assurance Contract

April 2018

Avoiding Integer Overflows: SafeMath Isn't Enough

Writing a Periodic Loan Contract

Storage Patterns: Pagination

Keep Your Code Simple

Writing a Pawnshop Bazaar Contract

Capture the Ether: the Game of Smart Contract Security

Writing a Vickrey Auction Contract

March 2018

Storage Patterns: Doubly Linked List

Writing a Sealed-Bid Auction Contract

Storage Patterns: Stacks Queues and Deques

Writing a Token Auction Contract

Flipping a Coin in Ethereum

Writing an ERC20 Pawnshop Contract

Understanding Ethereum Smart Contract Storage

Writing a Collateralized Loan Contract

Building Long-Lived Payment Channels

February 2018

Writing a Token Market Contract

Writing a Simple Payment Channel

Writing an Estate Planning Contract

Signing and Verifying Messages in Ethereum

Writing A Robust Dividend Token Contract

End to End: Initial Coin Offering

Writing A Simple Dividend Token Contract

Writing a Token Sale Contract

January 2018

Writing an ERC20 Token Contract

What is an Ethereum Token?

Logging and Watching Solidity Events

Writing a Crowdfunding Contract (a la Kickstarter)

Verifying Contract Source Code

Writing a Contract That Handles Time

How Smart Contract Deployment Works

Writing a Banking Contract

Making Smart Contracts with Public Variables

December 2017

How Ethereum Transactions Work

Checking the Sender in a Smart Contract

Testing and Deploying Smart Contracts with Remix

Be Careful When Using the Solidity Fallback Function

Writing a Contract That Handles Ether

Building Decentralized Apps With Ethereum and JavaScript

Writing a Very Simple Smart Contract

What Is a Smart Contract?